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Judd Gregg Disagrees with Sununu's Support for Trump's Border Wall Emergency Declaration

In Case You Missed It, Former Republican Governor and U.S. Senator from New Hampshire Judd Gregg published an op-ed criticizing the President's border emergency declaration and encouraging Republicans to "do the politically difficult thing."

"Trump’s declaration of emergency bludgeons the role of the Senate and the Congress.

Under the National Emergencies Act, the president has been given broad powers to deal with emergencies.

But it is difficult to claim that Congress intended its use in the manner now proposed. The power of the purse is at the core of Article One of the Constitution and Trump’s proposed course turns on its head this essential right of Congress.

One can understand that Republicans in the Senate do not wish to end up divided from the Republican President. This is not a good political place to be.

But Republican senators should be committed to doing the politically difficult thing."

This is in direct contrast to Governor Chris Sununu, who said "I support the president taking action, that's for sure."

"Spineless Sununu has refused to stand up for New Hampshire in the face of the President's emergency declaration, even when it threatens to raid funding for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and National Guard," said NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley. “Republicans in New Hampshire and across the country are speaking out against this gross overreach, but is there anything the President can do that could get Sununu to stand up to him?"

Trump's "national emergency" would divert funds from military construction projects, in New Hampshire and across the country, to build a wall along the southern border which he had promised Mexico would pay for. New Hampshire has five military construction projects that could be impacted, totaling $240 million. Due to the sophistication of the projects and the shipyard's submarine maintenance duties, these project must be planned years in advance by military and civilian leaders.


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