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Shameful: Sununu Sides with Trump Instead of NH National Guard and Shipyard

Concord, N.H. - On Friday, when asked about Trump's choice to declare a national emergency for his border wall, Sununu said "I support the president taking action, that's for sure." "Talk about shameful, Governor Sununu is abandoning his role as commander of the New Hampshire national guard in favor of partisan loyalty to Donald Trump and the border wall he promised Mexico would pay for," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. "Not only that, but if Sununu and Trump get their way they plan to stick New Hampshire taxpayers with the bill for this useless wall!" Click here to watch endorse President Trump's "national emergency" would hurt New Hampshire. Trump's "national emergency" would divert funds from military construction projects, in New Hampshire and across the country, to build a wall along the southern border which he had promised Mexico would pay for. New Hampshire has five military construction projects that could be impacted, totaling $240 million. Due to the sophistication of the projects and the shipyard's submarine maintenance duties, these project must be planned years in advance by military and civilian leaders.


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