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It's Time for Sununu to Take "Complete Responsibility" for NHGOP Finances and Return Wynn Donations

Concord, N.H. - Yesterday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board largely confirmed previous accusations that ex-RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn had sexually harassed and assaulted hundreds of women. This confirmation comes nearly a year after these accusations were first made public. In response to these horrific acts, the NHDP called on the NHGOP to return the $39,000 it received from Steve Wynn, both through his role at the RNC and personally. At the time, the NHGOP refused. However, given Governor Chris Sununu's recent statement that he takes "complete responsibility" for the NHGOP's finances and his self-proclaimed "zero tolerance" policy for sexual assault, the NHDP is today reiterating its calls to refund Wynn's money at once. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "After nearly a year of posturing and deflections, it's time for Governor Sununu and his Republican Party to finally respond to Steve Wynn's disgusting pattern of sexual harassment and assault. If Sununu truly stands by his "zero tolerance" policy, he'll immediately refund Steve Wynn's total donations to the New Hampshire Republican Party. Anything less would mean his total acceptance of Wynn's abhorrent behavior and a complete betrayal of all Granite Staters."


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