• NHDP

Sununu Offers Zero Details, Only Partisan Demands in Paid Leave Speech

Concord, N.H. - NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement after Governor Sununu's unveiled his Paid Family Leave program with Vermont Governor Phil Scott: "Governor Sununu's announcement of an ill-thought-out, and underdeveloped Paid Family and Medical Leave plan proves once more that Governor Sununu is only after a bright and shiny photo-op and has no real interest in doing his job. For months, recently elected Democratic majorities in the State Senate and House have been hard at work building a Paid Family and Medical Leave proposal that complies with Sununu's stated qualifications and works for New Hampshire. Sununu's unilateral memorandum is nothing but a desperate and useless attempt to make Granite Staters forget he thinks Paid Leave is a vacation. "Last November Granite State voters chose to make Sununu the first Republican Governor in New Hampshire history surrounded by a fully Democratic State Legislature. Sununu should remember the will of the voters and actually work with the legislative body instead of delivering nonspecific and unrealistic mandates on high."