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By the numbers: The NHDP’s Coordinated Campaign Drives Unprecedented Level of Grassroots Outreach

Concord, N.H. - Over the past few months, the New Hampshire Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign has created an unprecedented grassroots organization built to elect Molly Kelly, Chris Pappas, re-elect Congresswoman Annie Kuster and bring Democratic control back to the Executive Council, State Senate, and State House.

“We knew heading into this election, that the most effective tool in our arsenal was neighbors talking to neighbors about the issues that matter to them,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “That’s why we invested in a strong team who, along with our thousands of volunteers, have spent months reminding voters what’s at stake in this election, and ensuring they have a plan to vote on Election Day. We are confident tomorrow will be a good night for Democrats as a direct result of our volunteers’ efforts.”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign has:

  • Drank so many cups of coffee that the number is frankly incalculable

  • 866,335 phone calls have been made to share our nominees’ vision for a better New Hampshire

  • 334,248 doors have been knocked on, which is almost 150,000 more doors than were knocked in 2014

  • 79,135 voters have engaged with us about what’s at stake in this election and why their vote matters

  • 8,641 “Commit to Vote” cards have been mailed to Democratic voters, reminding them to turn out on Election Day

  • 4,714 Granite Staters have volunteered as a part of our truly people-powered campaign

  • 4,141 one-on-one meetings with activists

  • 388 State Representative Democratic candidates - a record breaking number - who will represent their neighbors’ values in the legislature

  • 48 organizers who’ve spent months engaging volunteers and voters across New Hampshire

  • 45 volunteer-run staging locations, allowing us to get out the vote in these final days

  • 24 State Senate Democratic candidates who will fight for hard working families

  • 7 regional directors managing voter outreach in towns, cities, and college campuses across the state

  • 5 Executive Council Democratic candidates who will put Granite Staters first

  • 3 stellar top of the ticket Democratic nominees in Molly Kelly, Chris Pappas, and Congresswoman Annie Kuster

  • 1 more day before we make history in New Hampshire!


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