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Kelly Puts Forward Positive Vision for the Future, Sununu Tries to Obscure Corporate Special Interes

Manchester, NH - The gubernatorial WMUR and Union Leader Granite State Debate offered a clear contrast between Molly Kelly’s commitment to expanding opportunity for all Granite Staters and Chris Sununu’s allegiance to the wealthy corporate special interests who have bankrolled his political career. Sununu continues to advocate for a school voucher bill that would divert more than $260 million in public school funding over thirteen years. He makes excuses for blocking a paid family and medical leave bill that he has since referred to as “vacation” and “a disaster” multiple times. He distorts his record on carrying out Eversource’s agenda, including two bipartisan renewable energy bills, SB 365 and SB 446, that the utility opposed. Statement from NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley: “Chris Sununu has done enough damage in his two years as governor. He has provided many reasons to be voted out of office, like his shocking belief that any adult can bring a gun into a school, his deference to wealthy corporations, senseless devotion to his property-tax-raising school voucher bill, broken promises on paid family leave, and his incessant efforts to suppress eligible voters.” “Molly Kelly made it clear tonight that she will be a governor who looks out for everyone, not just a few. Chris Sununu’s record and his out-of-touch performance tonight prove that he just doesn’t understand the needs of hardworking New Hampshire families, never will, and he needs to go.”


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