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ICYMI: Steve Negron Criticizes Chris Sununu’s Plan for Federal Funds to Combat Opioid Crisis

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Concord, N.H. - In case you missed it, during WMUR’s 2nd Congressional District debate, Republican nominee Steve Negron criticized his fellow Republican Governor Chris Sununu’s plan to spend the additional federal funding New Hampshire is receiving to combat the opioid crisis:

In response to a question from WMUR’s Jean Mackin, Negron said: “When I was going around, just recently, as in three weeks, talking to the people at the round tables, talking to chiefs of police, talking to fire chiefs, in Hanover, in Salem, and they’re telling us, this $30 million that came in, they did not have a seat at the table. They did not have an opportunity to find out where that money was going for. That’s fundamentally broken. I applaud the fact that we’re getting federal money in, but you know what, you have to get it to the people that need it the most.”

Negron continued, “When I’m talking to the people as recently as two weeks ago, they feel that the approach for the opioids in this state is broken.”

After the Congressional delegation worked to secure an increase in federal funding for New Hampshire to combat the opioid crisis, Sununu was responsible for developing a plan for the SAMHSA funds. Negron has repeatedly criticized Sununu's plan.


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