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NHDP Calls on Gov. Sununu and NHGOP to Withdraw Support From Republican Lawmaker & Speaker Candidate

Concord, NH - An Associated Press story published Monday afternoon revealed that Republican State Representative Frank Sapareto is facing a civil lawsuit for assaulting a business partner over his dissatisfaction with a porn film. The New Hampshire Democratic Party is calling on Governor Chris Sununu and the NHGOP to immediately withdraw support from and denounce Sapareto. Sapareto was convicted of misdemeanor simple assault in 2012 and subsequently advocated for a bill to loosen the definition of simple assault. Sapareto is currently running for re-election and seeking the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives in the coming term. NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement: “Frank Sapareto has demonstrated a pattern of behavior unbefitting of an elected official. His repeated aggressive actions have no place in the State House, and certainly no place in Republican leadership -- or anywhere for that matter. Chris Sununu and the New Hampshire Republican Party must withdraw support from and denounce Sapareto and his actions immediately; his candidacy for Speaker should no longer be valid in the Granite State.”


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