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Sununu’s Hypocrisy on Full Display After Yearlong Refusal to Call for Resignation of Rep. Schleien

Concord, NH – One year too late, Chris Sununu finally called for the resignation of State Rep. Eric Schleien, who recently plead guilty to sexually assaulting a minor. In a statement, NHDP Executive Director Amy Kennedy called on Sununu to explain why he had refused to demand Schleien’s resignation. Despite Sununu’s claims that he has a “zero tolerance” policy on sexual assault, he did not call for the resignation of State Rep Eric Schleien when Schleien was charged with sexually assaulting a minor. After the judge in Schleien’s case rejected his plea deal because it “gave Schleien a chance to avoid incarceration,” Sununu stayed completely silent on the subject. Statement from NHDP Executive Director Amy Kennedy: “Chris Sununu’s hypocrisy has been on full display as he remained silent for a year while Eric Schleien faced serious charges of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old. Instead of allowing him to continue to serve in the New Hampshire legislature, Sununu should have immediately demanded his resignation. Sununu must explain why he tolerated the continued service of a state elected official who had committed such a heinous act. “Chris Sununu claims to maintain a ‘zero tolerance policy’ on matters of sexual assault, but his actions tell a different story. He failed to speak out in the case of Eric Schleien, and he remains a strong supporter of President Trump, even after he admitted on tape to sexually assaulting women. It is unacceptable that Chris Sununu puts politics ahead of what is right for New Hampshire.”


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