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Molly Kelly Outraises Governor Sununu, Gains Momentum in New Poll

Sununu ratings remain stagnant as he continues to push corporate special interest agenda

Concord, NH - On the same day as new financial reports show that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly outraised Chris Sununu three-to-one in the last fundraising period, a New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll reveal that Molly Kelly’s support continues to grow while Sununu’s support remains stagnant. NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement: “Molly Kelly raised three times as much as Chris Sununu in the latest reporting period, from a total of over 4,000 donors, with over half of contributions coming in at $100 or less. Molly’s support stands in stark contrast to Sununu, whose fundraising is historically bad for an incumbent Governor and is reliant on corporate special interests. Even a maximum contribution from the Trump Administration won’t be enough to save Sununu as a Democratic wave sweeps through New Hampshire. “With three weeks to go, Molly is well-positioned to knock off Chris Sununu. The historic turnout in the primary, in which 60 percent of undeclared voters supported Democrats, shows clearly that voters want a change in the Corner Office and will send Sununu packing on November 6.”


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