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Will Negron Stand by His Opposition to Protections for Individuals with Pre-Existing Conditions?

Kuster has worked to improve and strengthen access to affordable healthcare

Concord, NH - Will Steve Negron stand by his opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its critical protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions? Negron has stated that, "Government has no role in health care" and that he would "not rest until we repeal Obamacare" despite the important protections within the Affordable Care Act and the success of Medicare. The ACA established protections for individuals in New Hampshire and across the country with pre-existing conditions so that they no longer could be denied access to coverage. Furthermore, does Steve Negron believe we should eliminate Medicare, which insures more than 285,000 seniors and individuals in New Hampshire? Please see the following statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley: “If it were completely up to Steve Negron, all of these protections would be thrown out of the window with a repeal of the ACA. Healthcare is a right for everyone, not a privilege for the wealthy. New Hampshire voters have been paying attention, and they know Congresswoman Annie Kuster has consistently worked to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare. She has supported commonsense proposals to improve the ACA to ensure it better serves people in New Hampshire. Kuster recently was one of the first Democrats in the House of Representatives to put forward a plan to address challenges with the ACA to stabilize the individual marketplace and bring down costs. That’s the type of leadership Granite Staters deserve.”


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