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Today and Everyday: Howie Carr, Corey Lewandowski, and Ann Coulter Are Not Welcome in New Hampshire

Concord, N.H. - Today, Howie Carr, Corey Lewandowski, and Ann Coulter are coming to New Hampshire and bringing with them their hateful, divisive, and racist rhetoric. Radio show host Howie Carr built his career appealing to darkest and most bigoted corners of America. He’s previously used his platform to mock and blame rape victims, going so far as to question the veracity of their experiences. He has also made numerous anti-LGBTQ+ remarks, including a 1987 column linking homosexuality with pedophelia. Corey Lewandowski made his name as the first of three campaign managers for Trump’s 2016 presidential bid. He was eventually fired because he was too extreme even for Trump's campaign. Since then, Lewandowski has most notably mocked a 10-year old girl living with Down syndrome who was separated from her mother and “put in a cage” under the Trump Administration’s child separation policy. His immediate reaction was to jokingly respond “womp womp.” He has since refused to apologize. Ann Coulter has become renowned for her inflammatory racist remarks designed to purposefully rile up her extreme supporters and draw the ire of anyone with a sense of decency and fairness. She’s spread white genocide conspiracies, used homophobic slurs, compared President Obama to Hitler, and every day promotes her islamophobic points of view on twitter and television. Their appearance today in New Hampshire flies in the face of everything that Granite Staters believe. People of New Hampshire believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their who they are, their race, who they love, or who they worship. Carr, Lewandowski, and Coulter are Republican extremists who use their careers to increase division and sow hatred across the country. There are even Republicans living throughout the state who are repulsed by their platform, because they know it’s wrong. Today, we reject their poisonous rhetoric and urge everyone, regardless of party to do the same. In this instance, silence is complicity. And in Governor Sununu’s situation, where he frequents Howie Carr’s show and has recently come under fire for his failure to terminate an employee after his racist remarks in the state’s Department of Education, his silence is noted and should be remembered on November 6th.


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