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New Hampshire Democrats Stand United Heading Into General Election

Concord, NH - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party hosted its sold-out Post-Primary Unity Breakfast at the Derryfield Restaurant to mark the end of primary season. New Hampshire Democrats joined together to unite in support of the nominees in advance of the 2018 general election.

“On Tuesday, voters came out in full force to make their voices heard, and now it’s time for us to come together and unite as a party across the Granite State,” said Chair Ray Buckley. “Our message is resonating loud and clear: Hardworking Americans don’t deserve to worry over medical bills when a loved one falls sick. They don’t deserve to send their children to schools with outdated textbooks and inadequate resources. Our young adults don’t deserve crippling debt after they graduate college, and women deserve equal opportunity to succeed and to make decisions about their own bodies. By uniting and reminding voters that their voice matters, we can put all of our organizing energy and might into electing each and every single one of our nominees.”

The breakfast featured Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Molly Kelly, the Democratic nominee for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, Chris Pappas, Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy and House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff, and others. Speakers highlighted the work of Democrats across the state and how to defeat Republicans on November 6.

“We’re proud of our Democratic candidate who stepped up to run for office this cycle,” said Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy. “We are stronger as a party when we focus on the important issues facing our state, and we’re thrilled to head into the general election united with our slate of strong qualified nominees.”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party and local leaders are now focused on unifying New Hampshire Democrats across the state. This weekend, 240 canvasses will be kicked off from 50 locations, with support from hundreds of volunteers seeking to have impactful conversations with voters.

“Our agenda as a Party meets the needs of New Hampshire families,” said House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff. “These nominees will support an agenda that addresses the shortcomings Republicans have allowed our government to fall into. Now, let’s focus on uniting so that we can win come November 6.”

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