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TONIGHT: NHGOP’s Staunch Trump Supporters Vie for 2nd Place in CD2 Race, Can’t Hold Candle to Kuster

Congresswoman Annie Kuster has earned a reputation for being able to work across the aisle in Washington to get results for New Hampshire.

Her opponents, Steve Negron, Stewart Levenson, Lynne Blankenbeker, and Bob Burns, in New Hampshire’s second congressional district Republican primary, by contrast, are infighting to appear the most supportive of President Trump and his administration’s policy objectives. Their views, whether it’s about repealing the Affordable Care Act, building a border wall, or engaging in trade wars with our nation’s closest allies, are morally reprehensible. Any of them would be the wrong choice for New Hampshire.

If any of these candidates were representing New Hampshire in Washington, they would not stand up to President Trump regarding his policies that hurt New Hampshire, like his trade war with Canada, our state’s largest trading partner, which Steve Negron endorsed.

In an interview with NHPR, Lynne Blankenbeker expressed her support for the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant families at the border, adding that the parents of these families are at fault for having “victimized the children.” When asked about family separation, Bob Burns actually advocated for the policy, saying: “We need to be tough on these people and not back down because somebody might post some sad pictures out there that make Republicans look bad” and urging a “crack down” on “anchor babies,” widely considered a derogatory term.

Stewart Levenson said Trump has been “spot on” and both he and Steve Negron have advocated for a border wall. Does Levenson and Negron’s enthusiasm for Trump’s immigration policies extend to family separation?

Congresswoman Kuster, by contrast, continues to demonstrate why she best represents the Granite State in Washington. She has worked to stop the Trump administration’s effort to strip healthcare coverage away from those with pre-existing conditions. Her bipartisan outreach and solution-focused efforts in Congress have also brought over $23 million in opioid crisis relief funding to New Hampshire. New Hampshire is looking for a representative who will serve as a check on the Trump administration, not one who will roll over, like Negron, Levenson, Blankenbeker, and Burns. It’s clear: these Republican candidates will serve as an unquestioning vote for Trump’s harmful policies. If any of them were elected to Congress, they would run so quickly to get in line behind Trump that they won’t even realize they’re trampling on the people of New Hampshire.


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