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NH GOP CD 1 Candidates Vie for 2nd, Try to Hide Shameful Responses to Sexual Harassment Allegations

Tonight, the New Hampshire Republican Party primary debate for the first congressional district will feature two candidates who have demonstrated how unfit they are to serve in public office.

Andy Sanborn, a current New Hampshire State Senator, is facing sexual harassment allegations from interns and staffers at the State House. These allegations are serious and multiplying by the day. What Sanborn dismisses as “crass language” has warranted disparaging comments about him from colleagues in his own party. State House officials removed Sanborn’s staff from his office, pending the completion of a sexual harassment training, which he needed to be forced to do. When the former NHGOP Chair left the position, she immediately endorsed his opponent, saying Sanborn’s actions were “wholly unbecoming of an elected official.”

Sanborn has no place in the U.S. Congress. His opponent, Eddie Edwards agrees so strongly that he has refused to endorse Sanborn if he wins the Republican nomination, even dropping out of a debate.

We just have one question for Eddie Edwards: if Sanborn’s inappropriate behavior is so disgraceful that Edwards could never support him, why is Edwards comfortable being a dedicated supporter of President Trump?

Edwards said he would be in “lockstep” with President Trump if elected. When pressed to find ways he disagrees with Trump, Edwards could not think of a single one. Edwards has been endorsed by Trump’s top supporters in New Hampshire and by Rudy Giuliani, who is currently serving as Trump’s lawyer. If Edwards is so concerned about Andy Sanborn’s inappropriate behavior in the State Senate, then his wholehearted support of Trump is extremely hypocritical.

In defending Trump, Edwards is turning a blind eye to the 19 women who have accused the President of sexual assault and the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump bragged about assaulting women. The evidence against Trump is serious enough that Edwards, by his own standard, would also refuse to endorse Trump if he were running for Congress in New Hampshire.


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