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BREAKING: Sununu breaks promise to thousands of Granite Staters, signs second voter suppression bill

Concord, N.H. - Governor Sununu just signed his second voter suppression bill into law, HB 1264. His support and signature of the bill today marks a drastic change from his opinion on the legislation last December when he told a UNH student he "hates" the bill, "hopes the legislature kills it," and that he "will never do anything to suppress the student vote." Sununu also passed the voter suppression bill, SB 3 last year. It is currently being challenged in court. HB 1264 functions as a modern-day poll tax that will force domiciled eligible voters to comply with time-consuming and costly residency requirements, like getting a NH license or NH car registration, in order to vote. Multiple editorial boards, former Attorney General Joe Foster, and our entire federal delegation have all warned of the dangerous effects of this bill. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Does Governor Sununu have no shame? He has effectively just broken a promise he made to thousands of Granite Staters to oppose HB 1264 and has taken real and dangerous steps to disenfranchise an entire bloc of eligible and engaged voters. His actions are the height of political cowardice and show there is no depth to which Sununu won't sink for partisan gain. Does Sununu really think so little of the New Hampshire electorate that he believes we won't remember his promise that he "will never support anything to suppress the student vote" and that he "hates" this bill? Or has Sununu simply dropped the facade and no longer even pretends to care about the people of New Hampshire who can't afford to donate thousands of dollars to his re-election campaign? Either way he is wrong if he thinks his signature means anything other than the end of his hopes to serve a second term as governor. New Hampshire will not stand for this and voters will come together to overwhelmingly reject the anti-democratic and disgusting policies of Sununu and vote this shameless man out of office."


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