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Sununu derails paid family and medical leave, betraying working Granite Staters

Concord, N.H. - New Hampshire's chance to establish a paid family and medical leave program ended today after the Senate voted on party lines to send HB 628 to interim study, effectively killing the bill that sought to establish an opt-out paid family leave program of up to 6 weeks for employees HB 628 passed the House of Representatives three times with bipartisan support before Senate Republicans killed the initiative. HB 628 ultimately failed after Governor Sununu said he would veto the current version of the legislation. His opposition comes after Sununu made a campaign promise to support paid family leave. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: "After expressing unequivocal support during his campaign, Governor Sununu has betrayed working families with his opposition to paid family and medical leave. Not only did he lie to Granite Staters about the reality of this bill, he refused to work with a bipartisan group of legislators to find a way to 'yes.' Sununu derailed an initiative that had 82% approval, justifying his decision with false accusations he was spoon-fed from his once and future donors, the Koch-brothers. Time and again, New Hampshire has seen Sununu put his cronies ahead of the people he is supposed to represent."


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