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NHDP Statement: Multi-millionaires Ivanka Trump & Steve Mnuchin try to sell unpopular GOP tax bill

Derry, N.H. - Ivanka Trump and Steve Mnuchin are in Derry, New Hampshire today for an official White House event that is closed to the public. The event aims to sell the Republican Tax Plan, which gives the vast majority of savings to corporations and the very wealthy, raises the deficit by $1.5 trillion, has resulted in record stock buybacks, and is estimated to raise taxes on most Americans within the next decade. The majority of Americans haven't seen a positive change in their paycheck because of this bill and 67% of Granite Staters don't think they ever will. In July of 2017, Governor Sununu signed a $100 million tax cut for the wealthiest 3% of corporations in New Hampshire. Sununu has frequently stumped on behalf of the Republican tax bill, calling it "phenomenal." Ivanka Trump & Steve Mnuchin both have estimated net worths of over $300 million. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Today, two multi-millionaires are coming to New Hampshire to hype up an invite-only crowd about corporate tax cuts. Only 27% of Americans support this law and no amount of snake oil salesmanship will replace the money the majority of Americans are losing in the long run in order to help corporations line their pockets. Governor Sununu, a steadfast Trump enabler who signed a similarly slanted $100 million corporate tax cut, lives by Trump's governing philosophy: working families only get what they need once their cronies are taken care of. This tax day, the Trump administration is taking to the road to celebrate stealing from the poor and giving to themselves."


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