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NH Republicans ignore student activists, vote to prevent schools from banning guns

Concord, N.H. - Today, New Hampshire Republicans voted 14-9 along party lines to kill an amendment to SB 357 that would have allowed individual schools to ban guns. Governor Sununu has repeatedly supported no change to the existing law, which prevents schools from banning guns. High schoolers attended the vote in the New Hampshire Senate gallery while other high schoolers signed a petition in support of the amendment, which was proposed by Democratic Senator Martha Hennessy. NHDP Communications Director Wyatt Ronan issued the following statement: "Today, New Hampshire Senate Republicans voted along party lines to reject an amendment to SB 357 that would have allowed public schools to ban guns. In doing so, they let down the gallery full of high school students looking on along with the hundreds of students who signed a petition and students across the country who are fighting for common sense gun reform to prevent future tragedy. Governor Sununu has been busy protecting his NRA A-rating by opposing the amendment to allow schools to ban guns. He also defended AR-15s, endorsed the idea of students being allowed to carry guns on campus, and made permit-less concealed carry his first priority as governor. Granite Staters from every corner of New Hampshire are standing up to NRA-bought Governor Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans who are putting political donations ahead of our safety."


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