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NHGOP must return $39,000 in Wynn-related money

Concord, N.H. - On Sunday, accused sexual assaulter, former Republican National Committee Finance Chair and top Republican Donor Steve Wynn stepped down from his post at the RNC after explosive allegations. The New Hampshire Republican State Committee accepted $29,000 that the Republican National Committee raised under Wynn and $10,000 from Wynn himself. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Steve Wynn's resignation amid these allegations should make the NHGOP's decision clear as day: they must return this dirty money they received from Wynn and the RNC under Wynn's leadership. If his behavior isn't persuasive enough by itself, they should simply look at the Republican Governor's Association, who returned $100,000 and the Wisconsin Republican Party, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senator Ron Johnson who have already pledged to return their Wynn-related money.

Governor Sununu, who claims to have a 'zero tolerance' policy on sexual misconduct, should put his money where his mouth is and encourage the state party to return this money. The NHGOP and Sununu need to prove once and for all that they can do the right thing, and not just when it's politically convenient for them."


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