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NHDP Statement on Trump's new conspiracy theory that Connecticut voters were bused into NH

Concord, N.H. - This morning, POLITICO reported that President Trump continues to push baseless voter fraud conspiracy, this time blaming his general election loss in New Hampshire on a lie about Connecticut and Massachusetts voters being bused into New Hampshire to vote. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Donald Trump's famously fragile ego is nothing new. I imagine he will lie about election results for the rest of his life, inspired by the same fear of inadequacy that led him to lie about his wealth, his negotiating skills and the size of his crowds. Trump even wasted taxpayer dollars creating the sham voting commission he has since disbanded. This is another in a long line of insults Trump has cast on New Hampshire as president and of course it is wildly irresponsible and unbefitting of a president. But the president's claims are newsworthy because of the Republicans who have shamelessly attached himself to Trump and constantly excused the inexcusable on his behalf. Governor Sununu, who was at the White House just two days ago, has a responsibility to denounce and debunk these absurd claims to protect New Hampshire's ironclad election reputation. Sununu has a particular obligation to stand up for the Granite State, not just as governor, but as a propagator of voter fraud conspiracy himself. There's no doubt that New Hampshire Republicans will use Trump's comments as fuel to their growing fire on voter suppression efforts, which have already resulted in the first voter disenfranchisement law in the Trump era. Trump's foolish words need to be met with a strong rebuke from those who enable him every day."


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