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Sununu, with family ties to big internet companies, fails to fight for Net Neutrality

Concord, N.H. - After weeks of requests by our Congressional delegation and the American public to postpone the vote on Net Neutrality due to the influence of foreign bots on the public comment forum, the FCC voted to end their Net Neutrality policy. The policy had protected Americans from unregulated behavior by big internet service provider corporations, like blocking access to certain parts of the web or slowing down internet traffic for specific websites. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "New Hampshire must join the 16 states already suing to reverse the FCC's decision to end Net Neutrality. Governor Sununu failed to use his platform to proactively fight for New Hampshire's right to a free, fair, and fast internet, instead staying silent and testing the political winds like he often does. But it's no surprise Sununu hasn't weighed in. The governor has long been in the pockets of big corporations like the ones that will benefit from this decision at our expense. Sununu's family has close ties to these big internet companies, with his brother sitting on the Board of Directors at Time Warner Cable. Governor Sununu's handpicked Attorney General has abdicated his responsibility to stand up for Granite Staters time and time again. Whether it's Net Neutrality, maintaining federal campus sexual assault measures, or ensuring President Trump fulfills his obligation to complete cost-sharing reduction payments, New Hampshire's Attorney General has refused to go to bat for Granite Staters. Once again, the Sununu administration is proving that they look out for corporate special interests at the people's expense."


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