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REALITY CHECK: Sununu continues pushing unpopular GOP tax plan to benefit special interests

Concord, N.H. - In a letter written last Friday, Governor Sununu set himself up to reverse course on the GOP tax plan by falsely blaming the Congressional delegation for the bill's worst Republican provisions. Sununu has been a strong supporter of the GOP tax plan from day one in spite of the fact that the proposal is one of the most partisan, unpopular bills in modern American history. Granite Staters will see right through Sununu's latest effort to muddy the waters and will hold him accountable for his support of this Republican tax bill that would be a massive giveaway to corporate special interests and the wealthiest few at the expense of hard-working Granite Staters. Here are the facts: Reality Check: Sununu is the GOP Tax Plan's #1 Cheerleader Chris Sununu was on board with the Republican tax plan from the start, saying in September that it would "improve the lives of residents in the state" In October, Sununu said of the tax plan: "I think what the President has put out is phenomenal. It could change this country for decades to come." Upon passage of the House version of the bill in November, Sununu said he was "pleased" with the bill he thought was "a step in the right direction." On November 29th, Sununu flew down to Washington to meet with Mike Pence on the tax plan, coming out of the meeting supportive, saying it would be a "net positive for the majority of low & middle income families in America." On December 7th, Sununu joined 20 Republican governors (and zero Democrats) to sign a letter in support of the Republican tax proposal. On December 12th, Sununu was the poster boy for the White House's argument on tax reform, with a supportive quote from the governor appearing in one of the Trump's releases. Reality Check: The GOP Tax Plan Hurts Granite Staters A study by the Joint Committee on Taxation shows the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on households earning less than $75,000 a year by 2027, which amounts to a tax increase for hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire taxpayers. A Joint Committee on Taxation analysis revealed that at the same time as all taxpayers earning less than $75,000 a year would see a tax increase, those earning $1 million or more would pay $5.6 billion less in taxes. An NBC News analysis projected that the Trump family alone stood to benefit to the tune of an additional $1 billion. The bill includes a provision to partially repeal the Affordable Care Act, which the CBO estimates will result in 13 million fewer Americans having health coverage and raise insurance premiums 10 percent per year. Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich called this provision "a non-starter." The CBO also said today that the damage caused by the tax bill would not be able to be made up by a bipartisan healthcare proposal like Alexander-Murray. The CBO also estimated the bill will increase the federal deficit by $1.4 trillion dollars by 2027.


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