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NHDP Statement on Steve Bannon's visit to New Hampshire

Concord, N.H. - Tonight, the far-right extremist group 603 Alliance is hosting Steve Bannon. Bannon is famously associated with the alt-right and is known as the architect of President Trump's Muslim Ban. He headed Trump's presidential campaign in its final months and used his platform to aggressively campaign for Roy Moore in the US Senate primary campaign in Alabama. Today, Roy Moore was accused of sexual relations with a 14-year old, providing a minor with alcohol, and pursuing other teenaged girls in a Washington Post report. Former NHDP Chair Kathy Sullivan issued the following statement: "Steve Bannon handpicked Roy Moore for US Senate in Alabama. Is he going to call for him to step aside in light of these reports, or is he going to defend him and prop him up like he did another candidate who boasted about sexually assaulting women? Bannon has engaged in race baiting and other divisive tactics; is he now going to defend a man accused of taking advantage of his position as a prosecutor to prey upon a 14 year old? On Tuesday, voters around the country rejected Bannon's agenda, including historic wins across the Granite State. We will continue to show him that New Hampshire stands against fear-mongering, hate and division."


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