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BREAKING: Joyce Craig becomes first woman elected mayor of Manchester in red-to-blue flip

Manchester, N.H. - Tonight, Joyce Craig was elected mayor of Manchester, becoming the first woman elected to the position in the Queen City's 171-year history. Craig won 12,053-10,554 (53%-47%), defeating four-term incumbent Republican Ted Gatsas in bid to run the largest city in New Hampshire. Mayor-elect Joyce Craig is the first Democrat to be elected mayor of Manchester in 14 years. Tonight's victory mark's the fifth time New Hampshire Democrats have flipped a seat from red to blue in seven tries. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Tonight's historic victory is bound to send shockwaves across the state. After 12 years of Republican control, Manchester is back in Democratic hands on the heels of electing their first woman as mayor in the city's 171 year history. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Joyce Craig for running and winning a positive campaign based on the issues. There is no better person to make the most of our incredible potential, tackle our challenges head-on and lead this city to new heights. New Hampshire is leading the national Democratic efforts to take back majorities in 2018 and Joyce's outstanding victory is our most definitive sign yet that voters are rejecting the Trump-Sununu agenda in favor of serious, inclusive, and working families-focused agenda. With an incredibly successful 2017 in the books, we turn our focus to 2018, our main goal being to ensure Chris Sununu joins Craig Benson on the list of one-term governors."


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