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Sununu supports Graham-Cassidy, claims credit for helping create it in Seacoast Online ed-board

Concord, N.H. - In a September 8th editorial board meeting with Seacoast Online, Governor Chris Sununu said he was “very excited” about the newest Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare bill that he claims to have helped create with Republican governors across the country. Sununu had high praise for the legislation saying it “really takes into account a lot of the things that governors are looking for." Republican Governor Charlie Baker of neighboring Massachusetts said Sununu's bill would "dramatically negatively affect the Commonwealth."

Sununu’s prized Graham-Cassidy bill promises to spike premiums, boot millions off insurance, and eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions. Graham-Cassidy cuts federal funding for Medicaid by more than $446 million in New Hampshire alone in 2026. The bill ends Medicaid expansion, which more than 50,000 Granite Staters depend on, many of whom need it for treatment and recovery coverage in the midst of the national opioid epidemic. This Trumpcare bill also cancels the tax credits that help more than 30,000 Granite Staters afford health insurance. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Sununu brags about creating this Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare bill when he should be apologizing for it. Granite Staters will see premiums skyrocket and Medicaid beneficiaries lose coverage because of Governor Sununu. While the state suffers through an opioid crisis, Sununu supports legislation to slash Medicaid funding in New Hampshire by half a billion dollars and get rid of Medicaid expansion entirely. This legislation would do enormous damage to Granite Staters' health and economic well-being, and the Governor should immediately rescind his support."


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