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NHDP Statement: HHS Sec. Tom Price papering over massive proposed health care cuts in visit to NH

Concord, N.H. - Today, the Union Leader reported that HHS Secretary Tom Price will be visiting Goodwin Community Health Center in Somersworth, N.H. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Tom Price's return to New Hampshire comes under the same shameful circumstance as his last one. His administration is pushing for a dangerous health care bill that would strip coverage from millions and make premiums skyrocket. He returns after defending a Trump budget that cuts Medicaid nearly in half, cuts drug prevention by 11%, cuts substance use disorder and mental health treatment by $400 million and cuts funding for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. And while President Trump has claimed that he would treat the opioid crisis as an emergency, all we have seen is more inaction. Secretary Price's visit is an attempt by the Trump administration to paper over their massive proposed funding cuts to combat substance misuse. It's impossible to take President Trump and Secretary Price seriously on this issue until they drop their plans that would decimate the ability of states like New Hampshire to combat this crisis."


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