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NHDP Statement: Trump commission full of conspiracy & baseless claims during NH meeting

Manchester, N.H. - Today, Trump's sham voting commission held their second ever meeting at St. Anselm College's New Hampshire Institute of Politics. The commission considered a proposal to run registered voters through Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms' NICS gun background check system. Commission member Ken Blackwell suggested that long lines at the polls were a "good strategy." And most offensively & absurdly, the commission head, Kris Kobach, again reasserted his claim of proof of voter fraud in New Hampshire elections, which are categorically false. The commission also heard testimony from far-right groups Judicial Watch and Heritage Foundation.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

"Today, we met the various characters who decorate Trump's sham commission. Unfortunately, their fringe conspiratorial thinking is not a caricature but an understatement. From absurd proposals to run registered voters through background checks to one commission member calling the creation of long voting lines a 'good strategy' to Kobach re-asserting his claim of voter fraud in New Hampshire, it's clear this commission has an agenda, the focus of which is voter suppression. Kobach showed he was willing to lie to the Granite Staters' faces about New Hampshire law and embarrass Secretary Gardner in his own state by delegitimizing election results.

This is a commission that welcomes, absorbs, and operates in conspiracy. President Trump is getting his way when this commission entertains baseless voter fraud claims, muddying the waters and creating uncertainty and distrust in our election system. One thing is clear: New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner doesn't belong with this cast of conspiratorial misfits. He has carried out free and fair elections for over four decades and any suggestion to the contrary is offensive, incorrect and dangerous. Gardner cannot risk sullying New Hampshire's sterling reputation by remaining on a commission that is willing to travel to our state to insult us in service of a baseless conspiracy designed to suppress votes."


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