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FACTCHECK: NH Republicans try to mislead voters, gin up outrage in advance of sham voting commission

Concord, N.H. - With the imminent arrival of Trump's sham voting commission in New Hampshire next Tuesday, Republicans in the state are under pressure to satisfy Trump's ego, wounded from losing the popular vote in the nation and in New Hampshire. New Hampshire was the first state in the Trump era to pass a voter suppression law, and did so based on Republican-created myths of voter fraud rather than on the basis of any evidence. Yesterday, New Hampshire Speaker Shawn Jasper added his own contribution to the conspiracy theories, perpetuating lies with old and irrelevant data. Jasper and other Republicans misleadingly suggested it was "evidence" of improper voting. The data simply shows -- in complete accord with New Hampshire law -- some same-day registrants completed their registration with out-of-state licenses. Faux outrage about old & irrelevant data The data that Trump's sham voting commission head Kris Kobach is all up-in-arms about is not new. In fact, it was released by Secretary of State Bill Gardner and reported on extensively by NHPR. The NHPR report revealed that the bulk of these same-day registrants using out-of-state licenses are expectedly from college towns. New Hampshire law is perfectly clear that there is no requirement that you have a New Hampshire driver’s license to vote and that there is no requirement that you register your car (if you have one) in New Hampshire to vote in the state. 5,109 of the 5,903 (87%) same-day registrants using out-of-state licenses were from New Hampshire's 11 college towns, as visualized by this helpful map. CrossCheck false positives The CrossCheck program, which was used to find the 196 voters that some have raised questions about, was found to be inaccurate over 99% of the time. The program simply identifies multiple different people with the same name as having double-voted. One study showed that CrossCheck, founded by the voting commission head Kris Kobach,"would eliminate about 200 registrations used to cast legitimate votes for every one registration used to cast a double vote." Debunking voter fraud lies In November, Governor Sununu said "there's no doubt there's election fraud in New Hampshire...[Democrats are] busing them in all over the place." Trump repeated the same lie in January, saying “thousands” of people were “brought in on buses” from Massachusetts to “illegally” vote in New Hampshire. Yesterday, Kris Kobach said "now there's proof" that Senator Hassan's "election was stolen through voter fraud." Since those claims, Granite Staters of both parties have corrected the record, debunking these lies and reassuring the public that New Hampshire's elections are secure:


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