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NHDP Statement: State agrees to limited compliance, NH should remain wary of Trump's Commission

Nashua, N.H. - Today, the ACLU, Democratic Senator Bette Lasky and Republican Representative Neal Kurk settled with the state on a case that would have decided whether the Secretary of State's office was allowed to comply with the request for private and personal voter information from President Trump's Commission on Election Integrity. The settlement stated that the commission could receive the scanned hard copies of public voter checklists from 2006 through the 2016 election but not the digitized voter file. Without reading or understanding the law, Governor Sununu said on MSNBC, without any caveats, that New Hampshire should comply with the commission's request, saying that anyone who refused was "playing politics." NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "The state has agreed to limit the scope of information they are releasing to President Trump's sham election integrity commission. While this is progress in protecting the personal information of Granite Staters, New Hampshire's voter data in the hands of a leak-happy White House is a risky proposition, especially since the administration has already released unredacted complaints they've received about the commission from concerned citizens. This info was requested --and some will be handed over -- under the false pretense of President Trump's constant lies about massive voter fraud to soothe his own insecurities. These are the same lies propagated by Governor Sununu, who claimed that Massachusetts voters were bused into New Hampshire to cast Democratic votes against him and Trump. As we learned yesterday, on WMUR's CloseUp, Governor Sununu is still a strong supporter of President Trump despite his offensive statements about the state. Granite Staters need to remain wary of frivolous requests by this administration to pry into our personal information without giving any specific reason. The governor seems more than willing to blindly hand over info without studying up on the law and that speaks to his instinct of defending Trump over protecting New Hampshire."


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