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NHDP Statement: Sununu puts trust in Election Integrity Commission led by popular vote denier

Concord, N.H. - Today on MSNBC, Katy Tur asked the head of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, Kris Kobach if he believed that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Kobach responded by sayin "we may never know." Governor Sununu support's the president's commission and said anyone who didn't comply with the request was "playing politics." Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2,868,691 votes with a final tally of 65,853,516, compared to Trump's 62,984,825. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "This is the person Governor Sununu trusts with the personal information of hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters. While President Trump and Kris Kobach call for strengthening election integrity, they completely undermine their argument by denying a clear, factual election result. This denial just shows what we've always known: this commission was created in large part to soothe Trump's fragile ego. Does Governor Sununu agree with Kobach's assertion? Will he support someone who denies simple facts to lead a commission about integrity?"


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