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Looking for a list of the Democratic candidates that will be on your general election ballot? Enter your town and ward into the boxes below, and we'll show you your Democratic ticket! 


Wards break down large cities and towns into smaller segments that have different representatives. If you're not sure if your town is broken up into wards, hover over the question mark to link to the Secretary of State look-up tool!

Please note: you can vote for all of the Democratic State House candidates listed on your ballot — depending on your town, there may be more than one candidate listed. You do not have to choose one of these Democrats — you are able to vote for all of the people that we list here.


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Ballot for:



President of the United States:

Joe Biden

Governor of New Hampshire:

Dan Feltes

U.S. Senate:

Jeanne Shaheen

U.S. House: 

Annie Kuster


Executive Council:

Mike Cryans

Dan Feltes

State Senate:

Sue Ford

State House:

You can vote for all of the Democratic State House candidates listed here.

Coos 1

Bob Baker, Bernice Christianson

County Attorney

John McCormick

Register of Deeds

Kathleen Kelley