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2022 NHDP Draft Platform

This year, the Platform committee revisited the NHDP State Platform and adapted it to our priorities for 2022. The Platform Committee held twelve virtual hearings across the state, one in each county, one combined hearing for Manchester and Nashua, and one State-wide hearing. These were held throughout February and March. Thank you to the hundreds of amazing Democrats across the state who gave their input into our party’s platform, and helping form the draft. 

Click below to view the draft platform:

The NHDP 2022 Draft Platform amendment period is now open. Amendments to the draft platform will be accepted until May 2nd at 5pm, after that the committee will meet and follow the below procedures on adopting amendments. 

If you would like to propose an amendment be sure to email or mail them to the office: 105 N. State Street, Concord NH, 03301.

Amendment Procedure

1. Proposed amendments will be considered by the Platform Committee at a scheduled meeting during which the Committee will determine the disposition of each proposed amendment.  Action by the Committee will be by a majority of members present and voting.  If the Platform Committee votes not to accept an amendment, a second vote of members present and voting will be taken to determine if the amendment should be voted upon at the State Convention.  A vote of a majority of the Platform Committee present and voting will be required for the amendment to be referred for consideration at the State Convention.  

2. Amendments that address federal issues do not qualify for inclusion in the Platform and will be referred to the Committee on Resolutions for disposition.  An amendment referred to the Committee on Resolutions shall be regarded as finally disposed of for purposes of the Platform Committee. The Platform Committee may dispose of amendments that are not submitted in compliance with these rules, are repetitious, disproportionate in length, stylistically incongruous, or not designed to advance the principles of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. 

Thank you to the members of the NHDP 2022-2023 Platform Committee!

  • Senator Cindy Rosenwald, Chair

  • William Bolton, Co-Chair

  • Matthew Gerding, Co-Chair

  • Councilor Cinde Warmington, Chair-Emeritus  

  • Luz Bay

  • Representative Gerri Cannon

  • Laura Currier Carty

  • Dan Chartrand

  • Representative Manny Espitia

  • Honorable Sue Ford

  • Erin George-Kelly

  • Representative Jerry Knirk

  • Ruth Larson

  • Senator Melanie Levesque

  • Representative Andrew Maneval

  • Sumathi Madhure

  • Teresa Moler

  • Representative Kate Murray

  • Alan Raff

  • Ellis Robinson

  • Paul Robitaille

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