2020 Democratic Candidates

Learn about the Democratic candidates for state and local office in New Hampshire!
This communication does not imply an endorsement or favoritism of any kind by the New Hampshire Democratic Party to any Democratic candidates actively engaged in competitive primary contests.
Offices with an asterisk (*) next to them indicate there is an active primary contest for this seat.

Federal Delegation

U.S. Senate
U.S. Congress 1st District
U.S. Congress 2nd District

State-Level Candidates

PLEASE NOTE: These are the candidates who have announced they are running so far, and does not imply that the field is set. If you have been left off this page, or if you announce your candidacy later on and would like to be added, please contact our Digital Director Savannah Woolston at swoolston@nhdp.org.

Executive Council

District 1:
District 2*:
District 3*:
District 4*:
District 5:

For more information on the State House and Senate, go here:

State Senate

District 1*:
District 2:
District 3:
District 4:
District 5*:
District 6:
District 7:
District 8:
District 9:
District 10:
District 11:
District 12:
District 13:
District 15*:
District 16:
District 17:
District 18:
District 19:
District 20:
District 21:
District 22:
District 23:
District 24:

State House

With 400 Representatives elected every two years, this page can't hold all of the incredible current and future Democratic NH House members! Click here to find out who your current State Representative is and to get more information about running for State Representative:
District 14:
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