2020 Resolutions​


The Resolutions Committee has worked to collect resolutions honoring Democrats, past and present. You can read this year’s resolutions here:

The above Resolutions have been approved by the Resolutions Committee. They will be voted on by NHDP delegates to the state convention via a virtual balloting system, beginning on May 9th. Casting a ballot will be safe, easy, and accessible.

A special thanks goes to the Resolutions Committee for all of their work:

  • Resolutions Committee Chair Senator Bette Lasky (Nashua)

  • Sarah Daniels-Campbell (Rumney) 

  • Ashley Motta (Rochester)

  • Ryan Richman (Manchester)

  • Jim Verschueren (Dover)

Questions? Email convention@nhdp.org, or call us at 603-225-6899.​​