2020 NHDP Platform

This year, the Platform committee revisited the NHDP State Platform and adapted it to our priorities for 2020. The final platform was voted on and adopted during the voting period for our first-ever Virtual NHDP State Convention, which ran from May 9 - May 23. Click below to view the final platform:

The Platform Committee held eight in-person hearings across the state, as well as three teleconferences. These were held throughout February and March. Thank you to all of the amazing Democrats across the state who gave their input into our party’s platform. 

Thank you to the members of the NHDP 2020-2021 Platform Committee!

  • Cinde Warmington, Chair

  • Senator Cindy Rosenwald, Co-Chair

  • Representative Denny Ruprecht, Co-Chair

  • Luz Bay

  • Representative Gerri Cannon

  • Dan Chartrand

  • Representative Manny Espitia

  • Representative Latha Mangipudi

  • Representative Joelle Martin

  • Susan Moore

  • Paul O’Neil

  • Representative Julie Radhakrishnan

  • Michelle Sawyér-Moge

  • Donald Stokes

  • Michael Strand